Shall We Dance?

This was the kind of September day that we especially appreciate – clear skies, bright sun, little wind and water of 57 degrees.  It almost doesn’t get any better than that in the fall.  We had Andy and Jim aboard for a short run to Diver’s Leap in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  

I had on my new hooded chicken vest from Bob Boyle’s Undersea Divers in Beverly. Combined with neoprene socks under my wetsuit boots, and very tight three-fingered mitts, my wetsuit was very comfortable.  I wore my little bomb of a tank and my tropical weightbelt.  I was a little floaty on the surface, but pulled myself down the downline and was fine at 30 feet.

Jim was testing the 3mm suit he had bought to take on vacation at the end of next month.  He pronounced it good to go because he had a thick hood and gloves.  The water in the Azores will be warmer than it is here.  

Fred and I videoed lobsters who were holed up in the sand.  This fellow was very friendly and asked if he could have this dance…or else he was seeing if he could eat my camera:


Andy found yet another crab scratching its back, this time on the too-big shell of a hermit crab.  He also found a school of striped bass up against the bouldery cliff.

We had fun on a tremendously comfortable fall day.

Too bad it has to end so soon.

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