Flat Like Pancake

That’s the way the ocean looked as we drove around this morning.  Some predicted a freshening breeze from the north and east, but with two new (to us) divers on board today, I wanted somewhere contained.  John S. and David S. were eager to get wet and so were Jim C. and I.  Andy had an ear problem, but drove all the way from Worcester to help with the boat even though he couldn’t dive.  What a friend!

The Folly Cove Pier looked good and I anchored south of the Lobster Pool Restaurant amidst huge boulders.  The water was somewhere between 52 and 59 degrees, depending on how deep you ventured.  It was almost high tide, but the visibility was about 10 feet.  I scoured the bottom for video-worthy subject matter and ended up with a sequence that had this image of me:


The second dive was at Lanesville Shores.  The wind had picked up some and passing boat traffic had bouncy results for anyone staying on the boat.  Nevertheless, we all explored huge boulders and crevasses in water that was clearer, but colder.

The sun tried peeking through buckling clouds on the way home.  Andy and I saw shafts of silver light hit the ocean’s surface with dark clouds all around.  The water’s surface sparkled.

Not too shabby for early October.

One Response to “Flat Like Pancake”

  1. Veronica Says:

    You lucked out with all considering the storm coming up from the south.

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