Too Good

Sunny, almost windless, and clearing warming ocean water. It doesn’t get much better. We had Andy J., Alan Hicks, Dianne Kelleher, Peter and The Captain on board for a smooth ride to Folly Cove. It was Dianne’s first dive in over two years. She helped Alan and I wrangle some critters for photos and video. The water was cloudy and 57 degrees.

We were anchored right next to the wall on the west side of the cove and were visited by a local man and his son on their first paddle board trip. They were very friendly and inquisitive about what we saw “down there.”   We named horseshoe crabs (three of them), moon snails, hermit crabs circling an empty shell to fight over who would be its next occupant, and some vacated lobster shells from several that had already molted.

Pete made a dive and buzzed around on his scooter.  The new ladder got him aboard easily.  Dianne used it too.

We moved further out towards deep water for the second dive.  This time, we anchored in over 50 feet and the clarity was back over 20 feet on the bottom.  But it was 47 degrees down there as well.  I saw a beautiful lion’s mane jelly fish right next to the boat.  It looked like this image I found on the internet:

Lions Mane Jellyfish

Lions Mane Jellyfish

The one I saw was oriented towards the sun.  It pulsed and changed shape many times.  What a beautiful animal!

We had a shorter dive because it was colder here.  The ocean was totally flat, however, so we had no trouble locating people’s bubbles as they swam along the rocky ledges.  There was hardly any breeze, and the sun was warm, not hot at all.

Total bliss on a super day with wonderful friends.

That’s just too good.


One Response to “Too Good”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    A lion’s mane jellyfish & horseshoe crabs?!
    I can’t wait to see these critters! 🙂

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