Treasure!!! Kevin and Linsley Found Treasure!!!

They called it Sea Hag cream. I call it a fisherman’s companion that slipped overboard:

Sea Hag Cream

Sea Hag Cream

It was great fun listening to Linsley, the nurse and farm-raised girl, explain what it is ordinarily used for to The Captain.  Her  husband, Kevin, retrieved a burlap bag stamped as having come from Brazil.  He then found a four-holed white button carved out of “ivory,” according to Kevin.  They are very good at finding stuff.

All this happened at Stone Garage off the southern side of Cape Ann or at the Flagpole around the corner on the Back Shore.  It was 58 degrees in the water and in the upper 60s in the air.  Full sun and very light wind with almost no chop made for  super sites for today’s dives.

I got some video footage in the notches and crevasses of the first place and then of some critters at the second place.  My wetsuit was perfectly comfortable, but I could certainly feel the difference in the cold water as I went deeper.  The visibility was in the 15 foot range – decent, but not outstanding.

We had Veronica on board for her first dive of the season as well as for the FOOD she brings us all :^)  Andy J. and Alex Shure were the heavy lifters of anchors and gear.  John Maren was King of the Downline.

All together it was as good as you could ask for – fun people and warm, sunny ocean conditions.

Summer is here.



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  1. saintatlantis Says:

    woo hoo is right!

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