Ponczki Paradise

What a bee-yoo-tee-full day! 75 degrees and almost no wind with bright sunshine and calm water.

It was made even better by the generous Pole, Andy J., from Worcester.  He arrived with bags of Polish donuts, called ponczki:



These proved an excellent source of merriment when Jacki K. sucked out the filling of hers and tossed the empty donut overboard, very surreptitiously, to avoid insulting Andy’s gift, expecting it to sink quickly.  Instead, it floated off the stern as a seagull magnet.  Of course, that got everyone’s attention and her antics had us all laughing as we heard about her devious plan.

We were anchored in the middle of Folly Cove, having moved away from the western wall when our anchor started dragging.  Veronica Atlantis had leaped into the fray to pull it while I powered up to move away from the granite danger.  She had just finished her first dive and was stripping off her gear on  her way to jump into action on the bow.  What a trooper!

We re-set the anchor in the middle of the cove and I made a dive on the rocky outcropping that’s out there in about 30 feet.  The water was cold – in the low 50’s on the bottom with an incoming tide.  It was swimmable on the surface as the nearby boatfull of teenagers was demonstrating.

The group was joined today by Sandy Miller who found a huge jellyfish at the end of her second dive.  Of course, Peter said it was really a ponczki that had filled with water and expanded.  Then there were many more ponczki puns and ponczki parables and ponczki pronouncements.  Hilarity ensued.

Andy reported he’d seen a horseshoe crab. Veronica and Sandy saw large flounders.  Veronica also saw striped bass, and Jacki and Sandy found a 30 pound weight belt, but couldn’t lift it.  So they left it for another day.

We had fun, laughed a lot, and congratulated ourselves and each other for having chosen to dive on such a beautiful day – today.


One Response to “Ponczki Paradise”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    Well said Chris. We laugh at the silliest stuff. 🙂
    We really did have a “wickid pissah” day.

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