Yellow, Fuzzy Warmth or Clear But Freezin’

We had three guys for their first dive of the season – Bob, Al and Will. We went north to the restaurant at Folly Cove. I anchored facing the Lobster Pool’s yard and picnic benches with a little breeze keeping us steady. Today, we were helped by John M. and Pete.

As I gathered myself for a descent, I noticed how golden the first few feet were. Maybe pollen or some sea weedy stuff had been blown to this part of the cove. The deeper I went, the clearer and colder it got. By the time I hit the bottom at about 40 feet, it was seeping icily into my boots, mitts, and hood. I later learned it was 45 degrees down here. The tide was full and I saw many places with a thermocline’s wivery, oily traces.

My 2500 pounds was used up quickly, it seemed. The little bomb of a tank is perfect for shallower places, but goes fast on deeper dives.

We moved over to the other side of the cove for the second dive and, thanks to Bob and John, there were refreshing snacks.

Watermelon from Bob

Watermelon from Bob

This dive was over rocks with lots of Irish Moss covering them.  I had a hard time getting the camera to stay put for any swim by shots.  I checked the anchor and found it dragging on the sand, so I reset it by burying it up to its shoulders and straightening its chain.  This made it easier for Will to pull when we were done.

As we waited for Al and Will to finish their tour, I noticed more than 20 boats had chosen this cove for their Saturday afternoon picnic.  The wind was cool and refreshing.  The water was still cold, but not as as clear  here.

Oh, well.   We got wet.   We had fun.  We snarfed down pieces of Al’s “In-Vince-able” sandwich from Big Y and John’s orange slices.

Good times with great people.

One Response to “Yellow, Fuzzy Warmth or Clear But Freezin’”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    45F!?!?! OMG…
    Although I absolutely believe you. It was so freakin’ hot this week at the beach. I “tried” to go in the water and my ankles got an ice-cream head-ache. I tried to go out further but the cold locked up my knees and ankles. Jeeze..the water was soooooooo cold…
    When you don’t see the crazy little kids in the water then you know it’s cold!.

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