Adventures in Vintage Scuba Land Plus a Sha-a-ahk!

Where should I start? How about with the wind? It was whipping out of the southwest at 16-20 knots. We and about 10 other boats headed for shelter in Folly Cove on the north side of the island. I anchored near the east side in a bouldery field to be sure the plow anchor didn’t drag. Andy did a great job of setting it underwater to be double-sure we could go diving and expect to see the boat upon surfacing.

Ilya was taking his first dives with a new DiveRite dry suit, Alan Hicks was diving wet, John M. was snorkeling, Veronica and I were working on a project of The Captain’s (more on that later), Andy was crew along with Pete, and Bob B. was visiting on Dive Patrol stuff.  There was no rush to get dressed because we were going to do both dives in this place, due to the conditions.

We had received a vintage double-hosed regulator as a gift and Alan brought a pair of full foot Cressi fins for the project to video Veronica wearing as much of it as we could manage.  She had on only her wetsuit, a backpack holding her “little bomb” of a tank, the new (old) regulator and the Cressi fins plus her weightbelt and mask.  She certainly looked the part.  I recorded her tentatively descending the down line while inhaling from a constantly flowing mouthpiece.  Her only instructions?  Just don’t take it out of your mouth.

Here’s her take on the day:

We surfaced and excitedly exchanged perceptions about the experience.  Later, after viewing the video, The Captain gave me instructions about how to improve the images I captured next time.  Wha-a-a?  Look like this is going to be an ongoing endeavor.

Then Andy surfaced with news that he had seen a shark in the little cove, in about 15 feet of water.  He noticed that the fish suddenly scooted and then a shark appeared.  It wasn’t a dogfish, he was sure.  Cooooool!

Maybe it was a juvenile sand tiger like the one that was caught in Gloucester Harbor earlier in the week.  See the GoodMorningGloucester blog entry here:

Maybe we’ll see this next week




One Response to “Adventures in Vintage Scuba Land Plus a Sha-a-ahk!”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    I updated my blog cleaning up mistakes etc.
    Yup, we can continue on with the filming. At least we have a “start”
    maybe that shark will show up as well?

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