All Around the Cape

Today was coolish, cloudy-ish, and calm-ish.  We decided to go to Thacher Island for the first dive with Linsley and Kevin Mordasky, Linda and Kerry Hurd, and Pete.  On the way, we saw lots of folks in every kind of human-powered watercraft participating in the around Cape Ann race called the Blackburn Challenge.  It’s featured on the GoodMorningGloucester blog.

Here’s a picture of the island by another contributor to GMG, Manny Simoes:

Grey day at the Dead Light at Thacher Island.

Grey day at the Dead Light at Thacher Island.

We anchored in front of the lighthouse on the left – the dead light.  The water was murky and cold with lots of particulate matter in the way of my video camera.  Kevin had 57 on the surface 54 on the bottom and 45 on the sand at the bottom’s bottom.  Diving wet wasn’t the best way to go today.

For the second site, we moved north to the shadow of protection afforded by Gap Cove in Rockport.  Kevin was smart and changed into his drysuit for this session.  Again it was dark on the bottom because the sun wasn’t out.  Maybe it was a little warmer because I didn’t go as deep, but no country for videographers.

We still had fun circumnavigating the island with good people.

One Response to “All Around the Cape”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    Jeeze what is up with this cold cold water?

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