Still Cold on the Bottom

Easy, high tide ramp for loading gear for our trip today. It was John Marren, Peter and The Captain with me at the helm.

I chose Folly Cove because of the predicted 10-20 knots from the southwest that was forecast. It was hot and relatively calm in the cove and we were joined by 17 other boats at anchor by the time we were ready to leave.

John jumped in with just his dive skin and boots and clambered out quickly.  I knew it was going to be cold, but I didn’t expect my face to feel so numb.  Diving wet isn’t all that bad if you keep swimming.  Stopping for a video moment leads to chilly shivers when the critters won’t cooperate.

The water was murky and yellowish on the top with visibility of only about 5 feet.  Deeper, the visibility improved to 10-15 feet, but the cold water made staying there a problem.  I made two dives with my little bomb of a tank and saw curious flounder, two skates, and two hermit crabs – one dragging the other by the claw.  Was he inviting her to dinner…or to be dinner?  Maybe she wanted his shell and he just wanted to hold hands.

Hermit Crab Cartoon


The fun of Folly Cove is observing the little animals that live there as well as the big ones.  The flounder were circling me and the camera, seeming to say, “When are you going to dig a hole?”  They expect to get something to eat from divers.  I found several tracing the track our plow anchor made as we settled in at the start of the day.  They were lined up along the track like cows at a feeding trough.  There must have been little worms or small sea snails on that buffet table.

The day was fun and the diving was better than being home and doing chores, that’s for sure.

One Response to “Still Cold on the Bottom”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    Water temp at the shore-line at hampton beach was 60F. My brother chucked a pool thermometer in ankle deep water.
    John must have been “singing the alphabet song’ when he jumped in!

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