Danforth Day

There was anchor salvaging along with crab encounters and critters to be wrangled today. It was warm, sunny, almost cloud-free and hardly breezy in Folly Cove.  We had John Marren, Alan Hicks, Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, as well as Pete on board for a relaxing day of diving.

As John was entering the water, I scooted past him to get to the bottom first.  Kevin and Linsley had reported that there was an interesting crab hierarchy episode being played out on our downline’s mushroom anchor.  A crab had claimed it and was being challenged by a bigger one for ownership.  The original owner then ascended Linsley’s arm to escape and/or reconnoiter.   It scampered down again when it saw who owned the arm.  They were charmed by the closeness of the interaction, but I missed the chance to video it.

As I moved towards the west wall, I saw a shiny chain in the sand.  It was attached to a brand new Danforth anchor which looked like this, only newer and without the extra line:

Danforth Anchor and Chain

Danforth Anchor and Chain

I tried to move it, but it was too heavy to carry when I had the camera too.  I surfaced to see a small, green skiff with a young family on board.  I asked if they’d lost an anchor and they replied they hadn’t, but their friends had.  As the younger members continued snorkeling, the father swam with me to just over the thing.  He then dived down, grasped the end of the chain, and pulled it up – using only a mask and fins.  After dragging it into the boat, they all cheered and thanked me and continued snorkeling as I continued videoing.  Salvage Masters Are Us!

As the dive progressed, I began to notice LOTS of young lobsters in shallow depressions in the sand.  I decided to video them because five were in a line.  Passing over the biggest of the lot, I was pinched in the belly by one that leaped up to challenge me.  I felt the movement, but my suit was thick enough that it didn’t really register until I viewed what I’d shot.  It looked like an ant attacking the Graf Zeppelin.

Later, we moved to the east side of the cove and found colder water on the bottom.  In the mid 50s I’d guess.  Visibility wasn’t great, but the surface was warm enough for swimmers and I tried it out in just my swimming suit.  It’s getting there, but the ocean still seems much colder this year than it was last year.

The ride home was uneventful, but the climb up the super steep ramp was a trek.

Good day with friends.



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  1. saintatlantis Says:

    No matter what, there is always an adventure!

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