Lobster Enters Stage Right!

We had a host of characters on board today. Most of them were engaged in videoing a rebreather-wearing guy interacting with a vintage equipment wearing gal. The gal was Veronica and the guy, Pat, was from Victor Worst‘s group in Gales Ferry, CT.  Victor runs Aqua Sports Diving Center and has been a Dive Patrol Instructor Trainer for a long while.  We also had Bob, John M., Linda and Myanna as well as Charlie Gaylord on board.  The crew was Andy J. and Pete.

As we motored up to Folly Cove for the shoot, it couldn’t have been a nicer day.  Warm, sunny, clear, with just a hint of a breeze from the east/northeast.  I anchored in 28 feet at almost high tide, near the steepest part of the wall on the west side of the cove.  We geared up for the video sequences and Director Cecil B. deCalhoun gave us our swimming orders.  The two divers were to come upon each other from opposite sides of the screen, stop and examine each others rig, then shake hands and depart in the same direction they were originally travelling.  Yeah, right. The visibility was about 10 feet side-to-side and the water temperature was in the low 60s.   V and Pat made eight passes and I think we got some footage that will serve.

On Veronica’s second dive, she encountered the biggest lobster she’d ever seen and declared it was so big, she could have ridden it.

Lady Riding a Lobster

Lady Riding a Lobster

Folly Cove never disappoints us.  There’s always something neat to see.

One Response to “Lobster Enters Stage Right!”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    The lobster was even bigger than the drawing (above) depicted!

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