It was a 10

On a scale of 1 to 10 for the perfect day of diving, it doesn’t get any better than today. We had a happy crew of folks: Jacky K. and Andy from Worcester, plus Charley Gaylord and his son, Brendan, from Newburyport and New Orleans, respectively. Veronica, John M., Alex Shurer, and Pete were aboard to fill out the roster.  We were bound north to get away from the groundswell that plagued us yesterday – and to hope for better visibility.

The Restaurant at Folly Cove looked great for the first site.  The tide had just turned and it was still very full over the jumble of huge boulders at the south edge of their “front yard.”  Lots of people were enjoying their boiled lobster while we cavorted in front of them getting suited up.  It was getting HOT!  We dunked The Captain’s Tilley Endurable in the ocean to cool him off.

Veronica and I were focused on achieving our shot sheet’s instructions.  Fred had drawn the image he wanted us to capture of Veronica swimming into the frame in her vintage gear and exiting to the right and me not moving the camera.  Click on the image below to see the details of the storyboard, including the startled fish on the dotted line:

Screen Shot Directions

Screen Shot Directions

We descended the downline and met a yellow fin coming up.  I caught it and put it on the swim platform.  When we descended again, we saw Brendan combing the bottom in one fin.  We motioned him up and he got the message.  He had been struggling to get a lobster and had lost the fin to the egger that he had to release anyway.  No harm, no foul.

Veronica and I swam away from the dusty, churned up bottom line area and found some relatively clear water to do our shot.  Relatively is the operative word here, because everywhere was about 10 feet of vis.  But was the water ever warm.  64 degrees according to divers with the appropriate gauges.

We practiced staying level and swimming in a line that allowed me to capture her whole body before she disappeared in the gloom.  Eight takes later we surfaced to compare notes.  A second session produced additional footage for Director Cecil B. DeCalhoun to choose among.

The second site was across the cove on the deep point of the western edge.  We anchored and it caught quickly.  Hum.  I took the camera and went to see the lay of it.  Wouldn’t you know?  It was down a deep hole and completely unmovable by me.  I surfaced to ask Andy to take a look and see if he could re-position it.  Later I noticed a huge cloud of kicked up silt over the area and the anchor lying perfectly in a sandy patch.  He’d fixed it for sure.

While this was going on, Veronica reported she had been practicing her scuba skills in shallow water, absorbed in locating her vest’s waist strap, when a cunner advanced on her and started pecking at her mask’s face plate.  I expect it saw its own image there and was establishing whose territory this place really was.  Veronica was shrugging her shoulders and moving her head to get it to go away, but it stayed in place persistently.  Where was I with the camera?

When Andy and Jacki returned from their dive, Andy was dragging a Danforth anchor, chain, and lots of line.  He’d found another anchor in Folly Cove.  It was very near the middle of the cove, so we couldn’t figure why anyone would have lost it over a sandy bottom.

As we surfaced with only fumes left in our tanks, we saw other folks lounging in the water in bathing suits and partial wetsuits.  It was that warm.  Veronica “blessed” us as true Hampton Beachers for braving the ocean with so little on.  “In the name of Howie Carr, Dunkin Donuts and …”  was all I remember of it but there was much laughing and carrying on.

What a fun time.

What great people.


One Response to “It was a 10”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    Good thing Andy fixed the anchor and Brendan didn’t lose his fin. We always have some kind of adventure.

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