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Getting Going Again

April 2, 2007

We started getting the boat ready last Saturday, March 31.

Pete and Pat helped The Captain and I with a new impeller, a new fuel filter, and mucho cleaning of mildew and mold off the ceiling of the cabin.  The white plastic hasn’t yet been removed by the boat yard crew, so we were warm enough to work without our jackets.  The sun warms up the interior of the cocoon made by the stretched white plastic and we were thankful it did.

We’ve faxed our launch request for the week of April 15th.  

Since we had special paint applied last season, we don’t have to re-paint the bottom.  WooHoo!

Now, if the weather would only cooperate, we’d be all set.

It’s Winter and the Boat is Up on Blocks in the Cape Ann Marina

February 28, 2006

Spring is coming but it sure ain’t here yet.