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Poly-PROP-ylene Problems

June 15, 2014

Remember that sudden speed decrease that we encountered last Sunday when we were entering the Annisquam River from Essex Bay?  Here’s what I found wound around the drive shaft as I began my descent today:

Yellow Polypropylene Line

This yellow polypropylene line was wrapped around our running gear from last week.

We’d made it all the way to Coolidge Point off Manchester with Ilya T., John Maren, Pete and The Captain.  John took a quick swim in a skin only to find the water unbelievably cold.  Later, Ilya told us his computer registered 47 degrees.  It had to have been in the high 50’s last weekend at Folly Cove.  I think the two days of rain and an off shore wind had churned up enough bottom for an upwelling of the real cold stuff.

I wore my wetsuit and my drysuit’s weight belt because I was using a steel 70 instead of my little bomb.  It worked just fine.  Except I got cold quickly even though we were only in 30 feet of water.  Ilya was my subject matter for part of the dive until he waved at the camera.   I’d forgotten to alert him to the need to refrain from making eye contact with me or the camera – let alone wave at it.  Oh, well.  There’s always next time.

The wind freshened instead of dying for the ride back to the dock.  It was a northwesterly one and I had to back down the slip to our dock.  There were a few close calls that got the neighbors’ attention as the breeze caught us and swung us, but I gunned it when we got close to our spot.  It slipped into place and made me look good.  Whew!