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A Banner Day

June 9, 2014

After nine months, Peter was able to dive today. His drysuit fit loosely and his weight belt slipped down over his hips, but the Folly Point conditions couldn’t have been more appealing.  It was glass-smooth, with an out-going tide.  Visibility at 30′ was 20′ or more.  Pete made it to 70′ just because he could.

We anchored just inside the point for both dives.  With only Jacki K. and John M. on board, there was plenty of room to maneuver the new ladder and Pete’s scooter.  The passing boat traffic, however, made the surface conditions uncomfortable at some times for those who weren’t in the water.

Again, as yesterday, there were schools of fish – pollack and cunner – gathering in groups to spawn.  Some would pose, head down, and others would briefly turn their side to the sun and flash a quick shot of a silver line along their flank.  I am drawn to their antics and try to video it, but they scatter when I exhale.  This makes my breathing be very slow with long pauses between exhales.  After a while, they seem to get used to me.


Cunner image from the internet

After the breezy ride home, we had a celebratory hamburger at The Clamshack near Cressi Beach at Stage Fort Park.  Pete’s recovery is remarkable and hard-earned.