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A Lot of Laughs

July 20, 2014

It’s never dull when we have Linda Giles and Myanna on board.  Andy and his wife, Ann, got to meet them as well as Liz (The Captain’s oldest daughter) and her husband, Mike.  Veronica was crewing as well as feeding everyone.  Pete was regaling us with tales of Linda’s Easy Diver trips of the past 32 years.  Fred brought her gift of the framed first trip’s log page to prove it.

We had a little breeze from the northeast, so decided to head south.  There’s a big fish weir on the corner of Kettle Island where we normally anchor, so we started at Diver’s Leap in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  It’s a big bluff of granite holding a funky, many glass windowed mansion overlooking the gap between Kettle Island and Magnolia Harbor.  The water was cold, but not as freezing as yesterday.  The weather was cloudy, but more humid and there were tiny glimpses of sun.  There were almost no other boats out.

I videoed a crab munching on a slab of something who didn’t mind the attention at all.  There was also a small moon jelly that was tumbling along on the bottom’s surge.

White moon jellyfish

White moon jellyfish

For the second dive, I moved us to Saddle Rock at the corner of the Coolidge Reservation.  It turned out to be deeper and darker as a result.  Veronica was game to try another series of passes by my video camera, wearing the double-hose regulator, a backpack, Cressi full foot fins, and her little bomb of a tank.  I think we got at least one good sequence from our dive.

She said she wasn’t cold, but I think it was because of all the swimming she had to do to accommodate the director, Cecil B. DeCalhoun’s, directions to me, the videographer.  “Have her make two passes over your right shoulder – don’t move the camera to follow her.  Then have her return and swim towards you and go over your right shoulder – don’t move the camera to follow her.  And don’t forget not to move the camera.”  Got it, sir.  Got it.

We sailed through a low tide Blynman Cut bridge on our way home and had to struggle up a steep ramp to the parking lot.  But, thanks to Andy’s Polish donuts, Veronica’s spinach sandwiches, Myanna’s Oreo’s, and Liz’ grapes, I was up for it.

Good fun with great people.